Easton Wood Bat Models for Youth Baseball
Wood bats, while overpowered by metal bats, are great for batting practice and improving your swing and comfort in the batter’s box.

Easton rules in the composite wood bats space. In light of their success in the aluminum bat market, they unsurprisingly have some of the top wood bats for youth and high school players.

In this Easton Wood Bats Review post, we would discuss 5 best selling Easton wood baseball bats and make some recommendations as to why these wood bats are fit for you according to batting style. 

Newly redesigned Easton wood bats are now among the best wood baseball bats available for youth. The company has upgraded its wood materials and construction to make sure the best ash and maple wood bats are hitting the baseball fields and your hands in 2020.

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Where To Buy Easton Wood Bats

Easton Wood Bats are easily available to purchase at several major stores. By the way, we often check Amazon because it has the largest selection and number of sellers which offer a low price for wooden bats. However, you can also check other stores like eBay, Shopify, or the brand website directly to buy an Easton wood baseball bat.

2020 Easton Wood Bat Reviews

Easton makes three models of traditional wood baseball bats. They have designed the most popular 110 and 271 maple wood baseball bats. 

They also boast a big-barrel wood bat model in the EASTON Pro 243 Maple wood baseball Bat.  This composite wood bat has a lengthy barrel which stands out as a powerful composite model for youth hitters.

Further, their youth wood baseball bat models, the Mako -9 Maple and the S1 Hybrid Bamboo/Maple wrap up our best wood bat reviews.

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Pro 243 Maple Wood Baseball Bat

Pro 243 Traditional Easton Wooden Baseball Bat for Youth and High School

Easton designs a pure maple wood bat in a very traditional 243 turn model. It means for the power batters who need like the large barrel is available in stock size wooden bats. The handle of the bat keeps the thin feel that comes with wood bats. 243 pattern features a long sweet spot and an end-loaded feel provides the hitters more power.

The medium handle size creates a bat whip to get hitters through the zone. The PRO 243 Maple Wood Baseball Bat provides more exit velocity and long-lasting durability. The bat comes in both a maple version and an Ash version. Power hitters tend to prefer maple over Ash.

Pro Maple Composite 110 Wood Bat

Composite Easton Wood Bat for Youth Players USA or USSSA, Little league

The players who are new to wood bats would like the balance associated with the PRO 110 Maple Wood Bat model. This comes with a thin handle and long taper which allows the swing weight to remain down. At Easton, several versions of this exact turn 110 series are available including ash and maple alongside the composite model of 110.

This model is a perfect batting practice bat for youth players. No doubt, they offer it in a lot of sizes to facilitate players and it is a very popular turn. The barrel is 15/16″ that is game-ready for youth players who are looking to drive the ball.

Easton Pro 271 Maple Wood Baseball Bat

Pro 271 Maple Wood Bat USSSA

271 Maple Wood Bat is featured with a 271 turn model which is popular among baseball players. A cupped end helps you to swing the bat easily. The bat is perfect for contact hitters who want light swing weight. A medium handle, the tapered medium barrel, and a traditional knob provide a balanced swing and a traditional wooden bat feel. It also features an MLB logo to certify its legitimacy.

The Easton Pro 271 Maple Wood Baseball Bat offers a greater exit velocity and increased durability compared to the 110, according to many online reviews. The main advantage of this bat is its lower-cost and can be affordable for any player. Experience this map baseball bat wood with free shipping across the U.S. on Easton.com.

Mako -9 Maple Youth Wood Baseball Bat

Maple Easton Wood Bat -9

EASTON Mako -9 Maple Youth Wood Baseball Bat uses rock-hard maple – well-known for generating greater exit velocity and durability. The pro-balanced structure is built to play like the Mako youth bat for an easy transition to the Easton mako wood bat for young players.  The Mako -9 Maple Youth Bat has 7/8″ handle with a leather knob label, a laser barrel with cupped end complete the amazing look and wonderful feel.

The bat has an approximate weight drop of -7 and -10. You will find that managing the weight differences b/w one bat and another in the wood space is more difficult as grain structure & weight is harder to manage. The price of this bat is lower than other wooden models.

S1 Hybrid Maple/Bamboo Wood Baseball Bat

S1 Hybrid Wood Bamboo and Maple Bat

As you can see, this hybrid wood bat is not a full bamboo. It is a mixture of bamboo and maple. The bamboo makes up the core of the bat, so you get the tensile strength that exceeds that of even steel in the very center of your bat.

S1 Hybrid Maple/Bamboo is one of the best Easton wood baseball bats that comes with a pro-balanced speed structure which makes its performance better than the S1 BBCOR Bat. Moreover, the cupped end cap makes swing weight much lighter.