Composite BBCOR Baseball Bats by Easton the Project 3 ADV
The Project 3 ADV from Easton

A top BBCOR composite model for the 2020 season is the Easton Project 3 ADV -3. These two-piece baseball bats became hugely popular not only for its sleek and light design, but because it shows results on the stat sheet.

While high school baseball players are probably more familiar with the experience of using aluminum BBCOR baseball bats, there are definitely composites out there that may be a better fit. However, the transition to a composite can sometimes be difficult. A composite will have a different feel and most likely a short breaking-in period, but there are models on the market that are quite literally changing the game.

In this Easton Project 3 bat review, we break down the baseball bat into three main categories that we find of optimal importance: durability and comfort, power, and performance. With these categories carefully dissected, it is our hope that we give you all of the information you need to make the right purchase.

Durability and Comfort

33/30 Project 3 ADV BBCOR Baseball Bat by Easton
2019 Project 3 ADV | 2-piece composite with a balanced swing weight

One of the notable aspects of Project 3 ADV bats is the new barrel design, providing comfort and best-in-class feel. They promise a max barrel performance right out of the wrapper, highlighting the bat’s “optimized balance point”.

Another feature related to this is a new boost knob design that reduces uncomfortable vibrations when making contact. This feature has been noted by many happy owners of the bat in their reviews online, agreeing the baseball bat has little-to-no vibration with plenty of rebound energy. Its end cap, or rather ‘speed cap’, is noted to have a more responsive barrel with a natural, sweet sound.

It also comes with a sleek lizard skin grip, providing a satisfying feel and tack. If durability and comfort is important to you, this baseball bat will suit your needs wonderfully.


This two-piece composite is certainly not lacking in the power department. The bat features the patent-pending “soft knob”, providing hitters with leverage and more potential for big pop. Along with this, many reviewers on the internet note the model’s light yet end-loaded swing weight, ensuring bat control and increasing the chances for power and pop.

The lightweight design of the Project 3 also improves a hitter’s swing speed, so when the barrel connects the hitter has an ideal balance point of power and speed. Because of these features, the Project 3 ADV would be a great choice for a contact hitter that is ready to step up to the plate with power hitters.


While doing research for our Project 3 ADV review, we used a combination of our own research as well as user reviews online to see how owners are responding to the product. The reception of Project 3 bats seem to be overwhelmingly positive in the BBCOR community, with many agreeing it is the best youth Composite bat on the market today. The responses that stood out in particular among the bat’s owners are it’s satisfying light and top-heavy 2-piece construction. The design lends the hitter an extremely comfortable and balanced swing, without losing ultimate pop potential in the sweet spot of the barrel.


Project 3 ADV BBCOR Bat Final Thoughts

With these three main categories in mind, it is no secret as to why it has become one of the most acclaimed composite BBCOR bats in 2020. With its sleek red and black design and undeniable performance in the batter’s box, the Easton Project 3 will soon become the talk of the dugout. Some online reviewers went as far to say that a player’s teammates would constantly be asking to borrow the bat when it is their turn to get in the batter’s box! 

The Easton Project 3 ADV BBCOR baseball bat has met all of our own criteria and we also have seen more than enough praise on the internet to confidently recommend this product to you. If you are a player that has grown up with aluminum bats and have not tried a composite, this model would be the perfect introduction. The durability, power, and performance will be sure to leave you satisfied and a more confident hitter at the plate. Great for both contact hitters and a power hitter – but is it the best bat of 2020?

BatSmash Grade: A

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