UPDATE: DeMarini has released its 2022 The Goods BBCOR bat as of October 2021. Check it out here and stay tuned for our 2022 review once we get our hands on it!

Welcome to BatSmash.com’s DeMarini The Goods review, the #1 overall and best power hitter selection in this year’s 2021 Best BBCOR baseball bat selection.

Review: 2021 The Goods -3 BBCOR Bat by DeMarini
2021 The Goods

One of the hottest BBCOR bats on the market is the 2021 The Goods DeMarini baseball bat (2-piece). In this review, we will be looking at the characteristics of this two-piece constructed bat that has made it such a hot commodity in dugouts across the country.

DeMarini The Goods 2020 – (Grade: A)

We will take a look at how DeMarini built this hybrid bat and the type of expectations a hitter should have when standing at the plate. Continue reading to see why it earned an A grade and is a top choice for high school players.

We will once again look at certain attributes such as comfort, power, durability, and design in our effort to give you the best possible information to help with your baseball bat shopping.

Note: In this bat review, we are particularly referring to the two-piece and not the one-piece alloy Goods model.

New Release: 2021 DeMarini The Goods

Baseball Bat Bros test 2021 bat protoype
2021 DeMarini The Goods Released Aug 2020

We are aware of the new 2021 The Goods BBCOR baseball bat, but since we have not had the chance to fully test it out yet, we will have to keep you posted on our future review. Please stay tuned on BatSmash.com for that, and many more bat reviews coming soon!


The first thing to note in our 2020 DeMarini BBCOR The Goods review is its two-piece, composite handle with an alloy construction. The handle is made from special composite materials that eliminate sting and vibration upon making contact. The 2020 Goods also comes with a massive “x14” alloy barrel, ensuring the bat is properly end-loaded with maximum power and a giant sweet spot.

Finally, DeMarini included what they call a “stiff seismic end cap” at the top of the barrel, which allows for maximum energy transfer on contact. All of these structural components come together to make 2020 The Goods one of the more powerful BBCOR baseball bats on the market.

Swing Weight & Durability

If there is one aspect of the 2020 DeMarini The Goods bat that might be a drawback for some, it would be how the bat feels and swings. This BBCOR baseball bat is specifically designed for power hitters, rather than contact hitters, with its stiff handle and x14 alloy barrel.

If you are a player that is familiar with an end-loaded swing weight, aluminum barrel, and swing for the fences, you probably will not find a better fit on the bat market.

However, specialty or contact hitters will probably want to look elsewhere. They may find “The Goods” to lack the bat speed and balanced feel that fits the contact hitter profile. We would recommend something like the DeMarini Voodoo.

It is crucial to know before purchasing that this is a bat designed for huge pop and power, with premium swinging comfort being a secondary concern.

New Tan Barrel Design 2021 The Goods
A sleek new tan/brown color for the 2021 model

The Goods: A Power Hitters’ Dream?

Because of the seismic end cap, top-heavy swing weight, and massive “x14” barrel with one of the biggest sweet spots of 2020 BBCOR baseball bats, there is plenty of power to go around. In fact, The Goods was deemed our top power bat in our yearly bat awards.

Many of the reviews online noted that DeMarini The Goods BBCOR bat is built for “hitting bombs”, one reviewer attributing it to his son’s confidence increase at the plate and 400′ home runs.

The stiff feel combined with its “gigantic” sweet spot worth is another favorite aspect of the reviewers’ feedback. This construction allows for a serious “trampoline effect” when making barreling the ball, noted as one of this year’s highest exit velocity of surveyed palyers.

DeMarini has made it a top priority to maximize the power potential in every hitter who picks up the 2020 The Goods baseball bat.

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Cons (or Lackthereof)

As always, we at BatSmash.com pride ourselves on being completely transparent in our baseball bat reviews, so we have once again decided to include a few possible drawbacks regarding this bat.

One drawback that may indicate this bat is not for you is simply that the barrel is completely aluminum, making the swinging experience a little heavier and end loaded. Batters that are more used to using composite bats, or just balanced alloy bats, may find this model to be a little too on the heavy side.

A fully composite BBCOR baseball bat, such as the Rawlings Quatro Pro, will offer a completely different experience regarding things like bat speed, durability, and swing weight. It is important to know that with the purchase of the DeMarini 2020 The Goods, you are signing up for huge power potential while possibly sacrificing bat control.

We want you to be aware of these possible issues beforehand so that you’ll be fully informed when it comes to pulling the trigger and purchasing “The Goods” over other high-end BBCOR bats.


Grade: A

When in the market for 2020 BBCOR bats, there are few that can match the power and the confidence that comes with that, then with this model. DeMarini has once again proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the 2020 BBCOR bat market, and with this model, they put all of their energy into literally giving the hitter the biggest bang for their buck.

“The Goods” is the perfect choice for elite power hitters looking to maximize their bat skills. It can also be a great choice for those looking to add more pop and maximize energy transfer on contact.

While the two-piece, end-loaded design may take some getting used to, you will get plenty of results. We do not see many other BBCOR bats on the market right now that can compete with this model’s sheer potential for hard and powerful hitting.

DeMarini’s 2020 The Goods may not be the best bat for every hitter, but if you are a hitter looking to hit bombs that leave the ballpark, this is the model for you. The Voodoo One would be our choice from DeMarini for a balanced swing.

If you are looking for a balanced or one-piece bat, we invite you to read our Best BBCOR Bat Reviews or a favorite best Easton wood bats.