The best baseball and softball pitching machines reviewed. We look at the little things – like the ball feeder – to find the best pitching machines for your money.

Top High-End Pitching Machines

Updated: February 2024

Pitching MachineRatingPriceReview
M1.J Baseball Pitching Machine

M1 Baseball Pitching Machine
5.0 out of 5View best priceThe M1 is the highest-performing 1-wheel pitching machine. It is built using the same technology, methods, and materials as other industry-leading pitching machines from ATEC. Like the M3 professional pitching unit, the M1 also has a dual-durometer concave wheel. This wheel is designed to improve the wheel’s grip on the ball, improving pitch speed and accuracy.
R2 Baseball Training Machine

5.0 out of 5View best priceThe M2 Offensive Pitching Machine, formerly Casey Pro, is designed to train college baseball players. For precision, power, and portability, no other 2-wheel computer is better equipped than the M2. With the potential to pitch 90mph, M2 can throw fastballs, curveballs, and sliders to any spot in the strike zone.
M3X Baseball Pitching Machine – On Tripod

5.0 out of 5View best priceM3 Offensive Pitching Machine is designed to train professional ballplayers. Its industry-leading 3-wheel architecture enables hitters to have maximum ball visibility during the entire pitch cycle, improving timing and increasing pitch recognition. Using three wheels maximizes high speed, precision, and spin due to the ball’s improved surface contact with wheels. The M3 is designed to throw up to 105mph.