If you are not familiar with the baseball bat sizes by age group, you may be confused and thinking to yourself, “What is the difference between a BBCOR and USSSA baseball bats?” 

In many leagues or tournaments organized by USSSA, you can not use BBCOR bats due to several restrictions. Conversely, high school and college players must use the BBCOR, and all USSSA bats are illegal.

In this article, we will explain the difference between BBCOR vs USSSA bats & see what best suits you.

What is BBCOR?

BBCOR is an acronym for the Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution. It is the certification required for non-wood baseball bats that currently regulate adult baseball bats used in high school and collegiate play. 

BBCOR measurements look at the trampoline effect of the ball off of the bat. It is a type of baseball bat made of a metal alloy by following the specific performance rules and regulations, which is assumed to be safe by the NFHS and NCCA for high school baseball and college-level baseball players. The BBCOR standard ensures that bats of non-wood materials do not have too high exit velocity. 

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What are USSSA Bats?

Baseball bats approved by the USSSA & made by an approved bat manufacturer are referred to as USSSA. 

The regulations provided by the USSSA are not affected by the USA baseball bat rules; for this, all players who are willing to participate in USSSA baseball leagues must use bats that USSSA Bat Standards approve.

Per the USSSA Baseball Bat standards, the bat must have the 1.15 BPF USSSA stamp on the handle and have a length-to-width ratio of -10, -8, or -5. 

In any conditions, the barrel diameter of the bat should not exceed 2 3/4″ & an approved USSSA baseball bat manufacturer should manufacture all bats.

Why Should I Buy a BBCOR Bat?

BBCOR-certified bats are designed with a -3-ounce length-to-weight ratio. These bats are required for use in high school baseball play & college baseball play. 

For players in youth baseball leagues between the ages of 12-14 years, BBCOR is mandatory if composite bats are in play. Otherwise, a USSSA may be able to be used.

15 to 18-year-old players or high school-aged must use BBCOR-certified non-wood bats with a maximum allowed length of 36 inches. Hitting with a BBCOR bat is not as powerful as a -5 USSSA bat, for example, but is nonetheless required. 

Thus, junior-level players preparing for high school (aged 13-14) may want to start practicing swinging with a BBCOR. The best BBCOR bat for beginners is the EASTON ADV 360. Highly recommended!

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Why Should I Buy a USSSA Bat?

All baseball players who are eligible and willing to participate in USSSA baseball leagues and tournaments must buy USSSA bats. These bats are much better than BBCOR bats in many disciplines. Several organizations don’t allow BBCOR bats to play due to restrictions. Still, USSSA bats have no limitations, and you can use them in any youth tournament in the USA. Bat performance factors measure how fast the ball comes off the bat. 1.15 is a standard for travel baseball bats. A variation in the barrel’s lengths includes 2 1/4″, 2 5/8″, and 2 3/4″.

A list of all the baseball tournaments organized by USSSA

1-Elite World Series
  • Elite World Series Qualifiers
  • Elite World Series 8U
  • Elite World Series 9U-12U
  • Elite World Series 13U-14U
2-USSSA World Series
  • A World Series
  • AA World Series
  • AAA World Series
3-Global Sports World Series
4-All American Games

BBCOR vs USSSA – Which one is best?

A change from wood bat standards in BBCOR baseball bats and USSSA baseball bats because composite and metal bats are more lightweight and durable than wooden bats. Similarly, Composite BBCOR bats are lighter than alloy or aluminum bats. However, BBCORs are objectively worse than USSSA due to these necessary restrictions. 

USSSA bats, such as -5 big-barrel bats, will hit further and perform better. However, when a player is getting ready for high school, it is essential to feel comfortable with the -3 drop weight. 

The bat is best for youth baseball tournaments and senior baseball leagues. It has no restrictions in any game and continues to follow its older standards and remains unaffected.

In our comparison of USSSA vs. BBCOR baseball bats, we found USSSA more beneficial for objective better hitting and BBCOR for tournament and high school players.